Ana-Quick Nylon
Ana-Quick Nylon
Commonly used in these industries:
  • Train & Infrastructure
  • OEM Machinebuilding
  • Factory Automation
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ANAMET can supply a complete nylon solution for your high flexing and special industry applications. Specially manufactured to meet the Rail and Robotic industries exacting specification ANA-QUICK provides a complete system from box to end-point. The full range of conduits and fittings offers excellent mechanical protection and exceptional flexibility to meet even your highest specifications. ANAMET strives to consistently provide customers with innovative products and excellent service. All Anaconda flexible conduits and fittings are developed especially to meet your requirements and are suitable for practically every feasible application.


These ANA-QUICK flexible conduits, made from Nylon, are well suited for specific industrial applications. The matching ANA-QUICK fittings and Accessories are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and threads for use with our ANA-QUICK brand of conduits. The product range includes all common types of fittings, from straight, 45 and 90 elbows to swivel. Select the category you would like to begin with to look for the solution you need and the matching products that go with it. Click on the products you require to show the complete information and specifications.


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